Electronic Closing Binders       
Imagine taking every document associated with your Official Statement and putting it in a searchable, printable format and storing it on CD-ROM.   Electronic closing binders combine your electronic and hard copy documents, converted to Adobe Acrobat PDF format, with an easy to use index. 
The index makes searching simple and straight forward and the PDF format lets you view and reprint documents as needed.  Each CD-ROM can hold upwards of 9,000 pages so capacity is rarely an issue.  No more looking through box after box of documentation to find what you need. 
Documents in native formats such as Word, WordPerfect etc. can also be saved for future use.  Electronic closing binders are easy to distribute as well, so now the issuer, bond council and underwriter can all have complete documentation for each OS in a highly usable format.

Document Management, Graphic Translations, Proofing, Scanning&OCR, Typesetting, Work Rooms


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