Distribution Services

FPR offers our comprehensive NON-STOP Fulfillmentsm service to ensure your OS arrives where you want it, when you want it.   NON-STOP Fulfillmentsm encompasses physical distribution via local courier and all major shippers as well as  electronic distribution via e-mail, secure web site and CD-ROM.  With NON-STOP Fulfillmentsm books are ready to ship within minutes of being finished so your OS loses no time waiting to be shipped. 


      NON-STOP Fulfillmentsm

      Electronic Distribution



NON STOP Fulfillmentsm
Getting your OS to the printer is hard enough without having to deal with sending it out when its done.  That's where  NON-STOP Fulfillmentsm comes in.  FPR is on-line with FEDex, Airborne and UPS so your books are packed and shipped as they are finished.  For ground service we also ship via US Mail. FPR's facility is located within minutes of shipping hubs for each of the major shippers so late day jobs can be shipped long after you've gone home.  Best of all there, is no extra charge for this service! 
Electronic Distribution
FPR also offers electronic delivery of your OS.  Each book is converted into an Adobe Acrobat PDF file and can be e-mailed to your clients or posted on a secure web server for their viewing and downloading.  Your official statement can also be burned on a CD-ROM for distribution or archival purposes.  Electronic files can be distributed immediately around the country and your clients can view them at their leisure.   Each delivery is monitored for a successful delivery and you are notified of bad addresses.  Web downloads offer a secure, convenient way to access a book and download only the sections clients want to see, this is helpful for clients who have low speed or limited internet access. Each user logs in via a user name and password that is changed for each OS providing added security.

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