Printing Services

At the heart of our operation is our digital printing facility.  FPR offers rapid production of all Official Statements, and we pride ourselves on being able to print and ship nearly every Official Statement the same day we receive it.  FPR strives to produce the highest quality finished product on every job we do.  Its the details like using high quality paper with a high brightness and using true perfect binding not tape binding so your OS looks as professional as possible. 


      Digital Print on Demand



Digital Print on Demand

With the advent of high-speed high-quality scanning and storage equipment and digital reproduction equipment, FPR is now able to digitally store each job that comes in, in a ready to reproduce form.  What this means for you is that now you can order what you need when you need it.  No longer do you need to order an extra 25 or 50 books that end up sitting on the floor of your office or in a closet somewhere.  You save on printing and shipping, and if you need more books you can reorder any time and usually have them shipped the same day.

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