Scanning and OCR
FPR digitally stores (from scan or source file) every page of every Official Statement.  Should you need a reprint or to use a portion of any book in a future job we can retrieve it in a manner of minutes.   FPR can also take existing hard copy documents from yesterday or last year and digitally scan and store or convert to almost any format.   
When scanning and storing we use Adobe Acrobat PDF format, recognized as a standard, for this purpose.  PDF files can be stored as an Image (for exact replication of the page), Image with Text (for exact page replication with searchable text) or Text only (for conversion back to text).  Acrobat provides a versatile platform for distributing and proofing via Intranet and Internet environments.  FPR can also take your documents and provide master indexes for easy access and searchability.
Using Optical Character Recognition software our staff can convert your documents to text then save it to the format of choice including Acrobat PDF, ASCII text, Word Perfect, Microsoft Word, and Pagemaker.

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