Secure Electronic Work Rooms

Knowing how much time is wasted faxing proofs back and forth and how much money is spent on courier fees moving paper from one firm to the next, FPR is now providing secure electronic work rooms. 
These work rooms allow you to upload and download files within a secure internet environment.  Parties are notified via e-mail each time a new version of a file is uploaded.  Each version of a file is available for review from the same menu so you can easily compare one version to another.  Notes can be also attached to each file so readers can be briefed on changes before opening the document.  
All file formats are supported so your word processing files can be uploaded along with database files, spreadsheets, PDF's whatever.  FPR offers conversion and posting services to make files readable by all parties.  Best of all, the files are accessible 24 hours a day seven days a week, via the internet. 

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Our Secure Electronic Work Rooms are powered by "". provides innovative document management through the use of state of the art internet technology. services simplify access to various types of corporate, transactional, and litigation related documents and assist our clients in focusing on what they do best. Our services assist businesses and law firms in the handling of important (and sensitive) documents and utilize secure Internet sites and encryption to protect these materials.

Document Management, Closing Binders, Graphic Translations, Proofing, Typesetting

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